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Affordable Financial Planning Services for Technology Professionals

We focus on providing affordable planning services to Gen X and Gen Y professionals (ages 35-55) in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area who want to build, grow and secure their financial future.

Our services cover a wide variety of financial planning areas such as employer benefits (401(k), 403(b), RSU, ESPP, FSA/HSA, ESOP, NQSO), debt management, college savings (529-plans), insurance needs, tax planning and strategy, home purchase/refinance, retirement planning, investment management (asset allocation, portfolio re-balancing, tax-loss harvesting), business ownership, cash flow management, investment property assessment, and estate planning.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Personalized Services: Guidance on all facets of financial plan from a Certified Financial Planner®

  • Fee-Only: Compensated solely by your fees, no commissions or kick-backs

  • Independent: Not affiliated with any broker/dealers or "Wealth Management" franchises

  • Fiduciary Relationship: Your interest first at all times, eliminating any conflict of interest

  • Flat Fees: Fees are based on complexity only. Unlike wealth management advisors, our fees are not calculated as a % of total "Assets Under Management" (AUM), Net Worth or Income

  • No Asset Minimum: Your investments could be any amount

  • Flexible Timings: Evening hours, Weekends and Virtual Meetings

  • Interactive Financial Planning: Visualize what-if scenarios before implementing changes

  • Tax Analysis & Planning: Identifying short-term and long-term tax savings opportunities


 Financial Planning Services and Fees 

One-Time Financial Planning

Meet with you over 4-6 weeks period to prepare a comprehensive financial plan. A customized plan and recommended actions would be delivered in about 3 months.

Fees: $1,800 - $3,600 

(depending on the complexity of client's situation)

Ongoing Engagement

Closely work with you addressing various aspects of your financial priorities, help you  implement the plan and making adjustments along the way for any changes.

Fees: $225 - $325 per month

(depending on the complexity of client's situation)

Project-based Consulting

You want to consult on a specific  topic that needs immediate attention. You would like to get a customized plan and recommendations for addressing the situation

Fees: $225 per hour

(depending on estimated hours for the project)

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