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Tax Matters for Self-Employed & Small Businesses

An overview of entity types and tax implications, tracking income and expenses, deductions, payroll taxes, estimated taxes and retirement plans for self-employed and small businesses.

Year-End Saving Tips (2023)

Reduce taxable income, Maximize Deductions, Save for the future

Retirement Savings (2023)

Employer-based retirement savings, IRA, Roth IRA, SECURE Act 2.0

Foundations of a Solid Financial Plan (2022)

Basics of building a good financial plan. Topics include good record keeping, liquidity of emergencies, risk management, estate plan, tax-advantaged savings, and diversifying investments.

Tax-Loss Harvesting Playbook (2022)

How to save on taxes and diversify investments using Tax-Loss Harvesting strategy. Explains wash sale rule and how to avoid wash sale.

5 Ways to Build Roth Account (2021)

Roth accounts grow tax-free and it can be tax-free for life. and for your heirs. However, with a looming tax burden from RMDs in retirement, here are five ways to build your Roth account.

A Beginners Guide to Building Wealth (2021)

How to guide for managing finances and investing for the future for a young audience.

Understanding Key Tax Terms (2020)

Video gives an overview of tax terms such as Adjusted Gross Income, Above-the-line Deductions, Standard vs. Itemized Deductions, Tax Brackets, Taxes on Income vs. Capital Gains.

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